At CIS MOTTA, we are leaders in stainless steel machining in Brescia, Bergamo and the surrounding area. We guarantee a complete and specialised metalwork offer and stainless steel part production, with services including laser cutting, folding, boring, shearing, punching, calendering and stainless steel welding with 2B, SB and polished finishes.

We couple our experience with latest generation machinery—such as automatic deburring and polishing machines—and advanced professional techniques, like TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding, sandblasting and pickling. This means we can completely satisfy our clients in Brescia, Bergamo and the surrounding area and offer extremely high quality products in the stainless steel sector for specific machining of sheets, tubes, bars, plates and discs complete with machining and turning in collaboration with external companies.

Our continuous technological improvement and scrupulous selection of raw materials have allowed us to forge finished products of all types for over 60 years. Moreover, our vast skillset in stainless steel finishes means that we can offer distinctive products for different uses in the main sectors of industry, with stainless steel parts, planters and round and square vessels being just a few examples from Cis Motta’s extensive range.


Thanks to a careful selection of modern and technologically advanced facilities, we are able to ensure a high quality, precise and reliable folding service to meet the most varied of design needs.

Our priority is offering clients a service up to our excellent reputation to make us stand out in the stainless steel carpentry industry.

To ensure maximum competence and professionalism, we invest continuously in training our staff, who are able to manage the different stages of the folding process skilfully thanks to their experience and preparation.

The synergy between our modern facilities and our team’s experience means that we can offer a steel folding service that will surpass our clients’ expectations and meet their needs with innovative and customised solutions.

Laser cutting of sheets with thicknesses of 1 mm – 15 mm (stainless steel), 1 mm – 8 mm (aluminium) and 1 mm – 20 mm (iron).


In our over 60 years of experience in stainless steel welding and laser cutting, we have built our team by selecting only highly qualified professionals, who have allowed us to provide specific services such as TIG welding in Brescia and Bergamo.

This procedure allows for very thin metal welds through tungsten electrodes and inert gas that protects the electric arc, while producing high quality joints at the same time. This requires great operational skill due to the high level of execution that we strictly adhere to for each of our products.

This and our other specialisations are our response to the most specific client requests. They speak for themselves affirming the extensive technical know-how behind each of our stainless steel products.

Stainless steel machining, steel laser welding and laser cutting

Deburring and Polishing Machine

CIS MOTTA boasts latest generation machinery and equipment for stainless steel machining. For example, our deburring and polishing machines can shape and work an array of stainless steel parts, as well as tubes, bars, plates and discs.

Our automatic deburring and polishing machine operates on a 1150 mm high work area for metals with thicknesses of 0.6 mm to 160 mm. It is equipped with a conveyor belt to allow for the automatic transport of stainless steel parts. The machine is specific to tubes, plates and sheets.

Laser Cutting Machinery

We carry out laser cutting with our latest generation Amada fibre laser machinery equipped with tower service and automatic loading/unloading which operates on a 1500×3000 work area and is able to cut stainless steel with thicknesses of 0.8 mm – 20 mm and aluminium and iron with thicknesses of 0.8 mm – 25 mm.

saldatura inox , brescia , bergamo
Sbavatrice Satinatrice

CIS MOTTA, disponendo di un parco macchinari e attrezzature di ultima generazione per la lavorazione dell’acciaio inox, come sbavatrici e satinatrici che consentono di modellare e trattare tubi, barre, piatti, tondi e vari componenti in acciaio inox. 

La nostra Sbavatrice/satinatrice automatica opera su un piano di lavoro di 1150 mm di altezza per spessori metallici da 0,6 a 160 mm. È di tipologia con nastro trasportatore al fine di consentire l’avanzamento automatico dei particolari inox, un macchinario specifico per tubolari, piatti e lamiere.

saldatura inox , brescia , bergamo
Macchina Taglio Laser

Eseguiamo il taglio laser con la nostra macchina di ultima generazione Laser Fibra Amada dotata di tower service e carico/scarico automatico che opera su un piano di lavoro 1500×3000 ed è in grado di tagliare lamiere in acciaio inox da spessore 0,8 mm a spessore 20 mm; alluminio e ferro  da 0,8 a 25 mm di spessore.

We are experienced in customer service and can offer full cooperation in solving construction problems.

We are experienced in customer service and can offer full cooperation in solving construction problems.


CIS MOTTA has been active in the metalwork industry for over 60 years and specialises in stainless steel laser cutting and TIG welding in Brescia and Bergamo.

From round and square stainless steel vessels to planters, or from stainless steel parts to tubes, bars, plates and discs… All the possible types of products that can be made from our production of stainless steel parts are marked by a careful selection of primary materials combined with constant technological innovation.

Moreover, our flare for finishes makes our products higher quality thanks to calendering of the metal sheet, which is then welded with finishings invisible to the eye to make for as elegant a product as it is functional.